John Lucy

New Media Artist & Designer

Neuron Stage Show R & D - description by Jo Moss

The results of the first three days of research with Jo Moss, John Lucy and Imogen Huzel. All movement in these clips is improvised and this film is to give a demonstration of the research done, it is not excerpts of the show.

Techniques in order used are:

00:00 - 1:32 projecting pre recorded content on to scrim and revealing the image with live movement using a kinect camera to track the body and reveal the image where the body is in the space, this is intercut with the film footage in the post prod edit.

01:32 - 02:44 Using motion tracking camera to project an outline of the body with trails on the scrim, this also showed up on my body.

2:44 - 4:49 Projected a night city scene that was pre recorded on a Gopro and edited, we first used an iphone torch to illuminate and reveal my face behind the scrim, after this we used the side lighting to reveal a bigger area behind the scrim.

4:50 - 12:58 After this I'm then joined by Imogen and we explored live filming in the space and projecting that image live. (10:30 - 10:40 We flipped the image to explore ups and downs.)

11:42-12:12 Cyr wheel using kinect camera to sense the movement and the projections react to my movement. All movement is improvised using contact impro and dance acro techniques led by Jo Moss

Thanks to Lia at Truman Brewery for the space, to Boris and Deadbeat Films for filming the hospital scene, thanks to Tom Kelsey, Jamie Bell and Charles Sobry for their time and acting skills in the hospital scene. Also, thanks to my family for their support on this project. Music: A Filetta - Sumiglia