John Lucy is a half-American half-British creative technologist and designer based in London. His work includes interactive wall projections, artworks realised through custom and industrial robotics, fashion film and realtime audio-reactive visuals. He started off as a VJ as part of the Eyes On The Wall collective at London's Roundhouse performing live visuals for such acts as Richie Hawtin, Moby, London Contemporary Orchestra and the Labeque Sisters and developed skills in programming and generative visuals during this time.

His final project Hypergesture for the Bartlett School of Architecture's MArch Design for Performance and Interaction examined the relationship between robotics and dance through custom built surgical inspired robots. Since graduating, he has been working as an Experience Designer at Arup as part of the Experiential Environments team, where he works with VR, game engines, robotics and computer vision.
Previous clients include London's Natural History Museum, Valentino Zuchetti of the Royal Ballet and the UK Space Agency. 

Are you looking for a custom visual solution or looking to use technology in a new way?
Get in touch at : jklucy2@gmail.com 

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