Stereo video captured from a moving vehicle with a machine learning object detection overlay

Arup Experience Lab
I frequently develop and demonstrate content for Arup's Experience Lab, an immersive facility with stereo head tracked projection onto a 6 meter wide curved screen intended to fill the peripheral vision of the viewer and features 25 speaker ambisonic audio. 
The Experience Lab located in the Arup London office is used to demonstrate with a high degree of fidelity the experience of inhabiting a proposed building scheme or landscape. I work on realistic architectural visualisations, both by crafting interactive environments using game engines and capturing stationary and moving video with a stereo cinema camera rig and compositing 3D rendered imagery with the use of survey points and camera tracking. The audio is captured using a sound field microphone onsite or simulated by the Arup acoustics team.
It has been used to assess the impact of large architectural schemes on the city skyline, the design of train carriages, interactive aerial visualisations and the design, lighting and acoustics of concert halls.
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